About Us

We are 3 friends who love Turkish food and share a passion for searching out the unique and interesting produce that this incredible part of the world has to offer. Each region often has a specialisation and reputation for producing something distinct and we have been keen to try them all!

In fact, we have enjoyed our discoveries so much that we believe others will feel the same. Pera Goods was set up so that we can share our joy and knowledge and bring to the market the best examples we can find of delicious and innovative Turkish products.

What We Offer

At Pera Goods we want to make everyone happy by collaborating with producers and suppliers to ensure that the right product and supplier is matched to the right buyer. We understand that a long term successful relationship is about more than just signing a contract and capturing a margin.

How we can help:

For buyers: sourcing of unique and ‘off the shelf’ products, contract framework negotiations, supply chain review, implementation/flowdown of mandated buyer/national standards and regulations to producer.

For suppliers: export shipping, country of import duty and taxation advice, relevant regulatory compliance – food standards / certification/ labelling, marketing and branding guidance.

@Turab Expo 2019

Sharing Our Values

Because we care about others and the planet on which we all live it seemed very sensible to capture our values in a document which we can share with all our partners.

Please see below for more details:

All supply partners to Pera Goods are asked to commit to our Responsible Business Charter which supports the agenda of our company to improve lives through better working and living conditions and to contribute to the highest environmental, social, food safety standards. The RBC allows for our business to be conducted in a manner consistent with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 including implementation of due diligence through our supply chain to guard against forced or compulsory labour, slavery or human trafficking taking place.